Personalized Bracelet Cuffs, Wrap Rings & Adjustable Rings

Have a cuff bracelet or a ring personalized to your little hearts desire. Special dates or names available.

Currently in stock 1/4″ 14 gauge aluminum bracelet cuff, 1/2″ 16 gauge copper bracelet cuff, 1/8″ 14 gauge aluminum stacking adjustable ring, and 1/4″ 14 gauge aluminum wrap ring.

Bracelet blanks are shown flat before stamped and shaped. A heart shape and arrow are also available including the normal upper and lower alphabet as well as numbers.

Stacking rings are hammered to be hardened. Rings can come smooth as well. Each hammering is different and unique.

Bridgette style font is available right now. Special order materials are available with notice and an extended processing time.
Order yours in the next 10 days, mention you follow my blog, and receive 10% off!

1/2″ Copper Bracelet


1/4″ Aluminum Bracelet


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