Mom Friends

I think we all remember those school year days of having a group of friends. We did everything with them. Laugh, cry, cause havoc on the world. You know the good days. 

When you grow up friends become harder and harder to come by. Especially GOOD ones. When you think you have that group of good friends once again- your life changes. Motherhood. 

This puts a whole new stress on friendship. Your no longer the going out girl. Your consoling your crying baby at all hours of the night. You hardly shower and yet run errands when before you became a mother you wouldn’t leave your house without your hair and some makeup applied. You can go out for lunch or even dinner on a split second decision. If you do decide to go out, it takes you thirty to forty five minutes to even get your baby ready. Not even you! Who knew these little humans required so much prep to leave the house! 

This is where mom friends are important. You need to go out there and meet some mom friends. They understand. They will get you! Hopefully some of your old girlfriends transition into mom friends about the same time as you do, but if they don’t there are plenty of places to go and meet some. 

Are you breastfeeding? Look up your local Le Leche program or even look on Facebook for a support group. 

Do you like being active- or use to once upon a time, and want to get back to it? Look up No Excuse Mom or Moms on the Move on Facebook. They have groups all over! You would be surprised. Even in my little town there is 2 to choose from! (20 minute drive to eachone, but I have that much of a drive just to go into town)

There is also- The Wonder Weeks groups. Again, on Facebook you can look up just “wonder weeks” or add your baby’s birth month (wonder weeks march 2016) and these ladies may not be able to have play dates with you in person, but if you need someone to talk to about your crabby baby, or see if anyone else deals with the same things- trust me- they do! It’s amazing how science has pin pointed to what timeframe your baby will be happier or grumpier because of their growth. (Sickness doesn’t come into play here- sorry your on your own, but still talk to them! Maybe they went through the same thing!)

Go to your local library, look online for their story telling sessions and other baby/ child related events, go to your local mall or park and strike up a conversation with your fellow mother! Trust me! We all want adult conversation! 

Where have you met some of your mom friends? Do you know of any other Facebook groups that are targeted to a wide range of locations where mothers can connect? 


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