10 things I didn’t know about being pregnant before becoming pregnant

1. Pregnancy is the most wonderful and or awful thing all at the same time. Mood swings, stretch marks, feeling your baby move, bloated feeling, acid reflux, producing life, morning sickness (aka all day sickness for some- me included), swollen feet, those adorable sonogram pictures, so many doctor appointments, the lost goes on. Trust me though- the pros outweigh the cons a million to one. 

2. Menstrual cramps have nothing on Braxton hicks. 

3. Your hair will grow super fast and you will lose less strands, but shortly after giving birth you will feel like your going bald with all the hair your losing. Trust me that clump of hair is normal. (Insert crying here)

4. You are limited to what kind of medication you can take for a simple cough or runny nose! 

5. Your boobs will hurt! And itch! Heck all of you will itch! Invest in some great lotion. Cocoa butter worked great for me. 

6. You feet may grow half a size (maybe a full size).

7. One day your clothing will fit. The next day they won’t, but the following day they will again….until they actually won’t. 

8. You can start lactating months before birth! 

9. Mood swings are common and often. You won’t even realize you switch emotional gears until it’s too late. Try to stay in check with how you treat others. If you need to cry- just cry! Trust me you will feel better once you have. 

10. You are blessed to be pregnant! Carrying a child is a true blessing, many women and families struggle with even trying to become pregnant let alone carrying the baby to term. You will hate life when your slumped over your porcelain throne but there are thousands of woman that would gladly take your place if it was possible. 


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