Why I won’t make my daughter hug someone when she doesn’t want to 

You see it all the time. The parent encouraging their children to hug Santa, a friend they just met, or even a stranger . I wonder if the parent has actually taken a step back and actually thought about what is going on in their child’s mind. 

Sure you know the person and/or you are comfortable hugging them, but is everyone? 


Everyone has their own “space”. Encouraging a child, or even pressuring them, into letting a stranger come into their space should be thought of more carefully. 

You wouldn’t go hug that stranger that just passed you on the street, would you? Heck sometimes I bet you don’t even want to hug your significant other. (This doesn’t mean you don’t love them, but maybe they upset you- but that’s a different story) 

The point is that YOU are free to decide who you hug and when you hug someone-  shouldn’t your child have the same choice? 

Their body= their choice


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