Take your own pregnancy pictures! 

Being pregnant can be, and should be, an exciting time in your life, but documenting this beautiful time can be costly. Many people don’t have $300 for a photo session and that is ok! If you can be a little creative, know how to work the settings on your phone/ camera, and have some photo editing apps, (I’ll highlight free one!) your good to go!

First research some poses you like- I suggest Pinterest. Now remember you have to take these photos or be able to pose for them within a short time if your camera has a delayed photo. So posing with your two dogs, with confetti falling from the sky, and stringing a belly showing pose in 10 seconds might be pushing it. Choose poses a little more simple unless you can move like the flash or have a long shot delay.

Second pick outfits that showcase you and your beautiful belly! Also something that is easy to move quickly in and doesn’t require a lot of any adjusting.

Third have a great back drop. This can be a painted wall. A scenic view in your back yard, a large window, etc. This is sometimes the hardest part of taking pictures.

Finally take lots of pictures!!! And edit!! Play with editing like crazy!! You may not get 200+ pictures to choose from like you would if you went to a professional, but hey you save $300!

Here are some pictures I took of my pregnancy. Before and after editing.

I couldn’t find the exact one of this pose but you can see what I was working with for the back ground.

Now are these $300 photos? Heck no! But I love them and they work for me. And that is all that matters.

Photo editing apps I used are FotoRus and  Photo Editor. Both from the Apple Store and free!

Congratulations mamas!!


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