Krud Kutter 

This stuff is amazing.


I have been a part of many groups where people ask what to use to get off tough grime and grease.

This is the winner. Hands down.

Krud Kutter- Click on the picture for more information and buying!

Bathtub grime or hard water/ soap scale? Use this.

Grease? Use this.

Cigarette tar? Use this.

This stuff has made my life easy.

How did I find it? Well my husband is great at buying something for a good deal. He loves deals. Well this “deal” came in the form of an RV that was smoked in for years. The smell was awful. And the color of the walls were yellow from all the tar. It was disgusting. I wish I could find the pictures that I had from the before and after. Once I find them I will upload them here for you to see.

Seriously though, this stuff will not disappoint. Try it for yourself. Really, what do you have left to lose?



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