So Much To Choose for Your Lil One!

OK Mamas-

The struggle is real! There are so many products to choose from for your little one. Which one is the safest? What soothes the best? Is my baby allergic to it? Does it do what it claims to? Oh- the list goes on!

Well have no fear! I am here to help you widdle through some products, by giving you my reviews of products. I will not bash any products, but I will rave about the ones that have worked for me and I approve of. Some products may work for me and my baby, but not for you and your little one. Please keep that in mind. I will tell you what worked for me and what didn’t, and why. This is just to give an HONEST and COMPLETE review. I hope you all enjoy!

If there are products that have worked for you that I have or have not mentioned, please let me know!

Being a first time mom, I have tried many products trying to find one that worked best for my daughter. Here I will list products that she and I love. We receive NONE absolutely NO reimbursement for our reviews.


Honest Company



  • Swaddlers- These were the best diapers for sizes newborn -3. We hardly ever had a blow out and when we did it meant I had to go up a size.
  • Baby Dry- Once my daughter started moving around these were our go to diapers. These always kept her bottom dry and held up to her larger bowel movements.
  • Overnight- These diapers are a sanity and a life saver. Whenever my daughter doesn’t wear these, I am washing sheets the next day. These are amazing! We started using these at size 3.

-TIP: I try to always use coupons for diapers. I love when Target has their buy 2 at $24.99 and receive a $10 gift card. I use this and then I always clip coupons either from the newspaper or Example I use 2 coupons of $2 off so that is $4 off plus a $10 gift card is $14 saved in your pocket and you get great diapers!

I have tried generic diapers from many large box stores, Luvs and Pampers. (My daughter breaks out with a rash with Huggies). My top pick for holding capacity and performance, feel and fit is Pampers. And if I use the coupon tip from above they are the same if not cheaper than the big box store brand 99% of the time for me.


Carters and Osh Kosh B’Gosh

  • I LOVE this brand when it comes to clothing. The style, fabric and sales- what is better! My daughter’s wardrobe is 90% this brand.
    • Note- Child of Mine by Carters runs a tiny bit smaller (I think) and their fabric is not quite as soft in my opinion.

Genuine Kids

  • Great fashion and at a great price point.


  • Yes Wrangler. COWGIRL UP! We are avid horse riders, so my daughter has to have some western wear. Wrangler one pieces are the softest material (at least the ones I bought) I have ever experienced. They also run big. I would say one size from what I have experienced for one pieces. Shirts, jackets and pants have been spot on for sizing when compared to Carters.


  • If you are on a budget garanimals is a great brand to shop for. In my experience they run a tiny bit small and their pants are shorter in length when compared to Carters. They offer some great style though with the budget in mind. Garanimals also makes great shoes for kiddos with WIDE feet. Their tennis shoes with elastic “laces” have fit my daughters wide foot amazingly well for sizes 3-6 in toddler sizes. Once we hit size 7 and regular laces they became far more narrow. <>

Champion shoes

I will keep adding more!

Please comment with some of your favorites and I will add to the list! I will add more categories as well!


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