Occupation? Stay at home mom

-What do you do for work?

* I am a stay at home mom.


Cherp- cherp- cherp.

You have a kid now. Your now a mom. Congratulations!!!

(Seriously the BEST TITLE ever)

For some women that means becoming a stay at home mom. Now that isn’t really a title. You can’t, well you can, put that  on a résumé, but you might get a couple of interesting looks. I am lucky enough to be a stay at home mom and I wouldn’t change that for the world. But I miss adult socialization. I miss being able to do things when I want to. I miss going on random trips. I think this is one of the toughest things about being a stay at home mom. Our lives revolve around our kiddos.

When they are first-born, we hardly leave the house. “We have to wait until their immune system builds up” we are told. This is just the beginning of the lack of adult socialization. My husband came and went from work and I stayed home with our daughter. (Again, still the best thing ever.) The lack of going to work means a lot of missed adult conversations. Working around nap schedules, and feeding schedules, and diaper blowouts, and laundry, oh and feeding yourself leaving the house becomes a distant memory.

Talking to adults,  besides the phone calls to my mother and husband, has seen better days. I use to have friends call and text every day! EVERY DAY! Now I am a mom. I don’t go out dancing like I use to. I don’t have random girl trips. I can’t just go meet a friend for late night dinner. I am a mom. I have a major responsibility. Raising a child to be a decent human being. And if your friends don’t have children, common ground sometimes slips away.

Being a stay at home mom keeps me at my place of work most days. Where? Home. Good ol’ sweet home. I never knew my house needed to be cleaned daily. (My house never needed to be cleaned daily before a child.) But it does. How it gets so dirty sometimes amazes me. My child has true talent in keeping my house always needing cleaning.

Staying at home 4-5 days out of the week keeps me as a “mom”, stay at home mom at that. I sometimes lack in the friend time field. In the me time field. In the I get to do what I want, when I want field. But that is ok! I am blessed to be a mom! I raise my daughter the best way I can. I cook dinner for my husband nightly. I do laundry, and sweep, vacuüm and mop. I organize. I take care of our finances. I run errands.


I think a lot of woman forget that being a stay at home mom isn’t easy. Being a working mom isn’t easy. I couldn’t even think about going to work and doing all that I have to do. Hands down to those women. Seriously, I bow to you. My days are already hectic enough without having to add 8 hours of work for someone else to that.

Being a stay at home mom is a true blessing to me. I get to watch my child grow, learn, and develop new skills. I get to cook dinner daily and I get to choose what to eat (score, since I am a picky eater!). I get to go on mommy dates during the week. I get to comfort my child when she gets hurt. I am blessed.

I have learned so many new skills as a mom, it’s unbelievable. I have learned how to multi task beyond belief. I have learned how to organize a small living room into a play room as well. I have learned patience. I have learned scheduling. I have learned how to make the most out of a specific period of time. I have learned the importance of planning meals ahead of schedule. I have learned how to clean efficiently. I have learned to appreciate kid movies. I have learned to appreciate me time, when that happens. I have learned that I am slightly OCD. I have learned that night clubs aren’t my thing anymore and cuddling with my family till 8 at night and passing out is the best night ever. I have learned that bouncy balls make my child happy. I have learned that I can love someone more than life itself. I have learned that those sweet puppy dog eyes get whatever they want most of the time. I have learned that my child looks up to me as the most amazing person in the world. I have learned there is so much more to life than having those new shoes that before I would have died to have. I have learned life is precious. I have learned to cherish every moment and to be thankful.

I have learned that I am a strong woman. Physically. Mentally. Emotionally.

So yes, I am a stay at home mom. But being a stay at home mom has made me into a better person. Yes I might have fewer friends. Yes I might not go out very often. Yes I might choose to watch Mickey Mouse over Grey’s anatomy because it make my daughter smile. But I am still me. Good ol’ me.

Don’t forget who you are either. Stay at home mom. Work 9-5 mom. We are all moms trying to give our families the best life we know how to. Love each other. Help each other. Be there for one another.


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  1. Donna York says:

    Point on. I really enjoyed reading this.


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