Not losing yourself as a mom

How as mom’s do we not lose ourselves? The accountant? The fashionista? The teacher? Whatever we were before we gave birth to the best thing in the world that has ever happened to us. It takes work! Seriously. This is a job all in itself. I have been through it. Heck I am still going thru it. I don’t think it is ever mastered. We forget about straightening our hair, putting makeup on, and dressing “cute”.

I am here to tell you to NOT FORGET!

The simple act of putting some mascara on, can transform you. Try it. I’m serious. Put that baby in the bouncer for 4 minutes and put some mascara on. Little steps are needed here. I use to wash my hair 3 times a week. Now I try to go for once a week. Why? I only have to straighten my hair one time a week! Yes! One time! WIN! And my hair is becoming healthier, because I am not washing out all of the natural oils. (Start this off slow go one day, then two days, etc- so your hair doesn’t become an oil field.)

Mastering small arts of taking care of yourself will, I promise you, help you be an adult. You will start to see yourself come back as that previous you. Pick up that paint brush again, take out that sewing machine, go ride your horse. Whatever it is that makes you, YOU, you need to do it.

Make a schedule. (I love my planner for being a stay at home mom!) Set out what days you will do what. Monday- straighten hair. Tuesday- work on a project during nap time. Wednesday- meet up with a friend for a play date/ coffee/ errand trip. Etc. MAKE A SCHEDULE! You will be thankful you did. You will see that if you have a schedule you DO have time for you. Why? Because you make it. You see it in your planner- and it SHOULD happen.

Don’t forget who you were pre-mom. You were amazing then, and your amazing now. You might be even more amazing now because you do it all, and raise a fantastic kid.

Small steps.




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