New mom = new anxiety

I use to be able to talk to coworkers daily. I had a pretty good vocabulary I like to think. Now when I meet up with friends or just strike up a conversation with a stranger and they say a word (one that I can’t even think of now) and I think to myself. Wow. I haven’t used that word in FOREVER. I use to use that word all the time. I can’t even remember the last time I used that word. Holy cow I have reverted back to simple talk.

Yep simple talk. We will just call it that. Straight to the point, no glamorous frilly words, straight up blunt words are my vocabulary. Now there is nothing wrong with this, but for me and I am sure others I suddenly miss being able to use those “words” in normal conversation when I am suddenly reintroduced to them. Having them spill off my tongue with ease and without having to think about it. Talking to a baby day in and day out, does this to you. Simple words are your friends when you are talking to your baby. Your husband also doesn’t require frilly words for the low down on the day’s events.

I NEVER had anxiety before like I do now. I chalk this up to losing myself. (Read this blog as well too!) Now I have words spill off my tongue and afterwards I think, what the heck did I just say? Seriously? Example I met up with some girlfriends, all who are moms, at one of their children’s birthday party. We are standing around talking and it slipped. Word vomit. Social anxiety vomit. Nervousness vomit. I am the only one in this group with a little girl and we are talking about how she is the only girl, and I say something along the lines “You all just had to grow penis’ inside of you.”

Say what? Seriously, did I just say that? Gosh, what is wrong with me?

I hope I am not the only one with this issue. My mom occupation has me using blunt words that are sometimes, ok all the time, leading to social awkwardness. (cherp, cherp,cherp)

So how does one come out of this? Go out there and try not to do it again! (Oh geez)

I also get anxiety when house work piles up. The stress rises and my will to do anything but complete the tasks I know that need to be completed vanishes.  I never had this issue before. Now I don’t know if this is because of becoming a mom and feeling like there is always so much to do, or because I don’t go to an actual work with designated projects and tasks. I really don’t know. But what I do know, is that I hate it. I HATE IT. The feeling that you are sucked into a black hole of completing these tasks, or feeling you can’t do anything else without these tasks being done. SUCKS.

I don’t even know how to explain it all exactly, but what I do know is that this is new. Taking things in steps (this is where a planner comes in helpful and has helped immensely), taking a step back to see the larger picture and seeing what’s important for at the moment has helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Has becoming a stay at home mom changed you in the anxiety field?

What has helped you cope with stress?


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