Growing Socks for your Lil’s

You know when you find the “coolest” item/thing/phrase/ whatever-it-might-be, you just have to tell someone?

Well guess what I found out about today?

GROWING SOCKS!! (for babies, toddlers, and children)

Whoever thought of this is genius. These socks have different stitching in the arch area and around that allows the sock to stretch so it grows with your child! How awesome is that?!

I know with my daughter, one day socks fit her and the next day they don’t. How she grows so quickly, I am unsure (as all of us parents probably are) but it happens! To find socks that will be able to fit her for more than 3 (6 months tops) is AMAZING!

Here are a pair of the socks I bought one “stretched” for size and the other regular after a washing. AWESOME!

Here are some links that will help you find your child’s size! I hope you love them as much as I do!

Tell me what you think about them!

Little Girls 4-13 Ankle Socks

Little Girls 4-13 Crew Socks

Little Girls 4-13 Low Cut Socks

Little Girls 5-13- Low Cut Socks

Little Girls 13.5-9 Ankle Socks

Little Boys 4-13 Crew Socks

Little Boys 4-13 Ankle Socks

Little Boys 5-13 Crew Socks

Big Boys 13-8 Ankle Socks

Big Boys 13.5-9 Crew Socks

Big Boys 13.5-9 Ankle Socks



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