Entertainment for your little one while on the road 

I LOVE my daughters Amazon kindle.


If your in the market for some child entertainment, look into these.

Now I just have the regular version, not the kid version, So I can only speak to this one. I bought my daughter this before we went on a 20+ hour road trip. (Can you say life saver?) I also purchased the additional warranty since she was going to be the main user and I recommend you purchase it as well. We all know our littles can have accidents.

I decided against the kid version because 1. The kid version costs more, 2. I wanted to be able to use it too with ease, and 3. I didn’t see the point in it. The kid version might be the way for you with its profiles and extra security but for me it just wasn’t necessary. (I put the apps on she can play and everything has a password for downloads and etc.)

If the kid version really interests you, you should know you can download the kid space to your regular kindle and voila. Kid tablet. The only thing you are missing then is the massive case. I bought a $10 case and the warranty and voila I have a kid version minus the extra cost.

8 GB Amazon Fire

16 GB Amazon Fire


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