Don’t be a nagging wife

I read a blog post a while back called “Don’t Be a Butthead Wife” or something along those lines. (I really wish I could find that post, so I can share it with you all, but I can’t at this time) I connected with this post on quite a few of the topics and so did a lot of other woman (who’s comments I read). But I also read comments that had the opposite view on some aspects of the topic. I wanted to elaborate on my view of it and a little more about just being a “wife”.

Now by no means am I a “perfect” wife, or claim to be, or think anyone is really. Lets get serious- EVERYONE can improve. Sorry, no one is perfect. I don’t believe I was placed here on this earth to serve my husband. Was I placed here, in his life, to complement him? Yes. Was I placed here by his side to make his life easier- and vice versa for him to me? Yes. Was I placed here to raise his (our) children to the best of my advantage? Yes. The list can go on for why I was placed here beside him but we will end that there. I believe you get the point.

The woman that wrote the above mentioned blog post, wrote from her heart. Clearly. She wrote from losing her husband and how petty things can be blown out of proportion and taken to the next level, when they don’t need to be. Example- when your husband gets home from work and throws his coat on the couch, kitchen table, where ever- NOT where it is supposed to be (example coat rack for the men that may be reading this) because he rushed in the door to be greeted by his child waving and blowing kisses on the front porch. Now this is adorable. Anyone who thinks a child waving frantically and blowing kisses on the porch waiting for daddy to get out of his truck and rush over to her isn’t cute, there is something wrong with you. It’s ABSOLUTLEY adorable. And pulls on the heart strings.

Now back to the coat- this can become an annoyance. Picking up that coat every single day gets tiring.  You tell him every darn day to put his coat on the coat rack, but life happens- like that toddler with squishy cheeks blowing kisses- and who cares about a darn coat. It’s a coat. Yes it’s laying over the kitchen table right now, but is that important? No. What is important is that man, that you love (remind yourself of this if needed) wants to play with his daughter. He wants to cover her in kisses, make her giggle, and grin from ear to ear.

So what am I trying to say? Don’t be that nagging wife. If you have a GOOD man. I mean a GOOD man. One that stands by you through thick and thin. One that treats you like a queen. One that makes you a better person. One that you only dreamed of marrying when you were 9 years old. Don’t be that nagging wife. Don’t care about that coat. He doesn’t. He cares about his family. He cares about them being happy. Can you see that now?

Now this DOES NOT excuse laziness. Every woman needs help sometimes, and your husband is supposed to be that support line not your other child. Should that coat be thrown there every darn day? No, but sometimes let the nagging go. What is more important? The coat? Or family time?

I vote family time hands down.


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