10 things I didn’t know about being a mother before becoming a mother

1. Not all diapers and wipes will work for your baby.

Don’t stock pile like crazy unless you know for sure that you can return the diapers if they do not work for your baby. I have never had a problem returning diapers to Walmart or Target as long as the tape is still in tact, but  please ask your store individually for their return policy.  A good idea is when you have the extra money for diapers ahead of time, before baby is born, is to put the money on a gift card. That way you “bought” them without actually buying them.

2. Breastfeeding (if you choose) is hard!

Getting the correct latch, a comfortable bra, ointment for sore nipples are just a few of the immediate challenges. I loved the Bravado bras as well as the Motherhood maternity sport nursing bras. Making sure you produce enough and start your own stockpile is also a few more obstacles. I can touch on this on another post. :o)

3. What you once thought about as right for raising your child will change dramatically.

Once you are actually thrown into raising your own child and you come to know their personality, wants and needs- what you thought was correct before and what would work, might not. Come to the realization now that whatever you read or have been told, may not work for you, and that is OK! You will get your groove and only you know what your baby wants and needs. Trust your guy instinct. It has never lead me wrong yet, and the “feeling” usually doesn’t.

4. You will have different opinions from your friends, mother and mother in law, basically a lot of woman and mothers, for what is right.

Again trust yourself! Just because you want to put your baby to bed at 8 and not 7, and your baby is happy with that schedule, then you are doing great! What works for one baby will not necessarily work for another. Tips from other mothers are great, but don’t get down or stop asking for tips and tricks because one didn’t work. Some will, and some won’t. You can never know too much! The more help the better!

5. You don’t need 25 outfits.

Babies get dirty ALOT, but outside of the basics (onesies, leggings, socks, etc) they don’t need 25 outfits. I still need to remind myself of this. (Baby clothing is just so cute!) But they grow so fast. If you love that outfit now, don’t get it in their current size, get it up in the next size so they can wear it longer and you can truly enjoy it on them.

6. Your baby will change faster than you can blink.

My daughter was born like last week it seems and is already turning 2. Time fly’s by faster than you could ever imagine, so love them when they are little, love them continuously, and remember to cherish every moment that you get with them.

7. There are more choices than there are candy flavors when it comes to choosing your diaper products

There is swaddlers, baby dry, cruisers, lil movers, snug and dry, luvs, generic from every store, honest company, and so many more. Should you choose sensitive or original? Scented or not scented? Organic or regular? Brand name or generic. Which brand name? Which generic? Oye! I say start with a small pack of one that tickles your fancy. Hopefully you will be lucky and the ones that the hospital you deliver at will have diapers that work for your baby. If not, buy small packs, so if they irritate your baby’s bum your not out of a lot of money. I went thru a few brands before I found one that actually worked for my daughter. Usually if you buy a small pack, by the time you give your little one time to adjust to them and see if there is a true reaction to the new diapers or residual from the old, the pack will be gone. Just watch their skin! Take pictures to remember what it looks like if necessary.

8. Your child will not know everything that another child knows and vice versa.

One child knows animal sounds. The other doesn’t, but they can point to all of their major body parts. Are you slacking in teaching your little one the necessities? Heck no! Of course there are main topics to teach your baby, but if they don’t learn them the same time as your friend’s baby, that’s ok! Every baby learns at their own speed and from what they are around.

9. Picking a car seat and a vehicle in which it fits properly in should come in an  owners  manual or as a booklet for parents to use.

Seriously this should be made yearly when the new cars are produced and put in those little folders in the glove box. It is so hard to find the right car seat for your child and one that fits in your vehicle. Here are 2 websites that I have loved and have helped me. I hope they help you too!

Finding the right car seat to fit your child

Finding the right car seat for your vehicle’s space

10. Your child will teach you more about life and what’s important than you have learned your whole life.

You thought you were done learning once you graduated and became an “adult” Ha Ha. Nope. Sorry that little love button you made will teach you more about life and cherishing precious moments more than you have ever learned your whole existence. So slow down and enjoy life. Life is short. Enjoy it!


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